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* How EATSOGOOD.PH was born during the Pandemic


The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way we live. How long this will last? Nobody knows. Jobs were lost, businesses—especially the small ones—shut down momentarily, and for others, it may be for good. It is heart-wrenching just thinking about all the economic and emotional toll this global crisis is causing to our world.


We were also hit hard and fast. Our family business of manufacturing clothes was halted because malls our closed and the shopping industry suffered a steep decline. Right now, our industry is considered as non-essential and it will take some time before we re-open our business.


We have no recourse but to stay put. At first, I managed to distract myself through K-dramas on Netflix. Eventually, Netflix overdose happened and it left me wanting to do something to offset the effect of the pandemic to our family.


Fortunately, my sister and I came up with a light bulb idea to channel our love for food to good use. What better time to brush up our cooking skills than now? We asked ourselves. The result is a start-up home-based food business that fits perfectly into the social-distancing lifestyle of today.




* Food and Light at the end of the Tunnel



After a brief brainstorming, we decided to simply call it Eatsogood.PH.

At first, we only expected our relatives and friends patronize us. But as word of mouth and good online reviews spread, we started fielding calls from new customers. The organic growth of Eatsogood.PH gave us a glimmer of hope, that maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That we all need to re-invent ourselves until we get back to living our normal lives again.
When choosing what type of dish we wanted to market, my sister and I recalled how we always have a fun time dining with our family and friends over a shabu-shabu meal. How conversations flow freely as we prepare all the ingredients and put it all into a boiling pot. The preparation, the simmering scent of the food, all add up to a wonderful vibe for family dining. We wanted our customers to still experience that at the comforts of their homes, so we decided to deliver shabu-shabu food kits and some sumptuous side dishes to go along with it.

The result is a staggering success. Our newly-created Instagram @EatSoGood.PH is being bombarded by tags from rave reviews of happy customers. So far, our three best-selling food kits are the following.


• Shabu-Shabu Kit – ₱500 – Get your quick shabu-shabu fix with our kit! No need to stock up on different bags of balls that’ll end up in the corner of your freezer, forgotten. This kit includes fresh veggies, mushrooms, noodles, and sate sauce for dipping and soup base, everything you need without needing to think. This is good for 2-3 persons.


• Korean Tofu Stew Kit – ₱420 – You can now cook Korean Tofu Stew at home in just 5 minutes with our Soondubu Paste! You can store the paste in the freezer and prepare only the portion you need. Restaurant priced ₱350/bowl. One pack makes 10 servings (250g).


• Quinoa Salad – ₱400 – Fresh and healthy quinoa salad! This is a great introduction to healthier eating. Tossed with fresh veggies, creamy Kesong Puti, pops of raisins mixed with citrusy EVOO dressing! This Quinoa Salad tub is big enough to share!
So yeah, being stuck at home doesn’t mean we only get to see our favorite authentic Shabu-Shabu and Korean food on Netflix. With EatsoGood.PH, you can easily have it on your table.

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